Credit Evaluation Engine

Netwin, a leading provider of advanced instant credit decision engine. Netwin credit evaluation engine robust suite of decisioning solutions provide a flexible business rules engine designed for high performance, high transaction volumes and ease of integration with clients’ existing legacy systems.

“Netwin’s solutions give business users the flexibility to make changes to credit policy as often as the market demands and to react quickly”

“It is critical for banks to focus on improving decision-making capabilities. With bank profitability under the microscope, retail bankers can no longer afford to make sub-optimal decisions,Stakeholders are insisting on greater transparency and improved performance. Creating a decision management infrastructure that is flexible and can change with minimal IT support along with embracing a more integrated, enterprise-wide approach to consumer lending are key elements financial institutions must employ to thrive in the coming years.”

We have over 2,000

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members–including banks, financial institutions, non-banking financial companies, urban cooperative societies and have access to credit records of over 20 million individuals and businesses.